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King James (Authorised) Version of 1611

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Word for Today is part of an active ministry working in Jesus' Name that tries to take an earnest look at some of
the depth and grandeur, as well as the undeniable truth, of God and His Holy Word. If it causes someone to discover other meanings and/or applications which may be applied to their circumstance, so much the better. That would simply show the Word at its wonderful work in the life of the hearer. In any such instances feedback will be appreciated, that more may be edified, and Grace be found more abounding to us all. Thanks for letting us share with you today. May love always abound in your life with the Lord!
Do you have a Scripture verse you would like to see discussed here? Send email with the verse or verses you have in mind and they may be included here soon.

The Word for Today Archives and Index
Most editions include "Selah", commentary & notes.

WT-01     Ecclesiastes, chapter 9, verses 10-12
WT-02     Revelations, chapter 2, verses 1 - 5
WT-03     Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 1
WT-04     Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 18
WT-05     Romans, chapter 12, verses 5 - 15
WT-06     1 Peter, chapter 4, verses10-11
WT-07     Revelation, chapter 1, verses 1 - 3
WT-08     Philippians, chapter 4, verse 13
WT-09     1 Peter, chapter 4, verses 14-16
WT-10     Gospel of John, chapter 13, verses 21 - 30
WT-11     1 Thessalonians, chapter 5, verses 16 - 24
WT-12     Gospel of John, chapter 4, verses 22-29
WT-13     Gospel of Luke, chapter 10, verse 38 - 42
WT-14     Jude, verses1-3
WT-15     Romans, chapter 11, verses 16 - 24
WT-16     Hebrews, chapter 6, verses 4 - 8
WT-17     Galations, chapter 6, verses 9 - 10
WT-18     Isaiah, chapter 51, verse 6
WT-19     Gospel of Luke, chapter 2, verses 1 - 52
WT-20     2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, verses 11-14

(pronounced see-lah or see-luh)

The Psalms are often used for meditation, reflection, inspiration, counseling- well, for everything that is good, to be sure! There is a word found frequently among them that has passed through the centuries and calls to us to take our time, carefully consider what we are learning or reading, and consciously consider the meaning thereof : "Selah".
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines it thusly: "A term of uncertain meaning found in the Hebrew text of the Psalms and Habakkuk carried over untranslated into some English versions."
Simply reading it in the context of its usage, however, it readily appears to mean think soberly and sincerely about these things; that is to say, what is being read.  Indeed, some modern Bibles define it to mean "pause, and consider these things". Used in the pages of Word for Today, it is used to offer commentary and insights into the Scripture being presented.
You are invited to submit your favorite Scripture passages, and your commentary and insights about them. It is hoped that Word for Today can be updated frequently, or enlarged in a form that will allow all who desire to share the wonderful things they find in God's Word to do so! It is a ministry that can be accomplished with your help, because we know the Lord is willing that it be done. The venue is in place and God is certain to continue His blessing of it - all that is missing is YOU!
Become a part of His blessing and share His Word and love through your personal ministry with those who need to know about it today.

Your Invitation

God has promised to save all who claim His Son as Lord and Master. Follow Him, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide daily. Let Jesus be your desire, and strive daily to be a member of God's family in good standing. The reward for those who do so is to spend eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven. When is the best time to decide? Right this very moment, for today is the acceptable hour of your salvation in Jesus!
Pray to God and confess that you are a sinner, openly accept His Son as your Savior, turn from your past sin and determine to live a life that pleases and serves God. No, its not always easy, and yes, there will be temptations. But after accepting Jesus, the Holy Spirit will come to you to guide and instruct you, and you will also find other believers who will help you find encouragement by the Word of God. There are Bible-believing churches to be found virtually everywhere where you may worship the Lord and become a beloved part of His family.
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