GospelWord: A Quick Comparison of Teachings of Major World Religions

Baptist / Protestant
Jehovah's Witness
New Age
What do they believe
about God?

One God revealed as Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
Irrelevant or Buddahood.
Many gods, including Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.
Jehovah, an impersonal force.
Everything is god.
God the Father is a glorified man with a physical body.
One god called Allah.
What do they believe
about Jesus?

God's eternal and sinless Son, the supreme example for living and of God's love for people. Died and rose from the dead to provide forgiveness of sin for all who believe in Him.
A teacher who may possess Buddahood.
A great religious teacher.
Was once the archangel Michael; then became Messiah, and after His resurrection became Michael again.
A great teacher or prophet.
Jesus is the physical child of God.
A major prophet who is not God's Son. He did not die on the cross but was taken into heaven.
What are their
holy writings?

The Bible (Old & New Testaments) recognized as the inspired Word of God - authoritative, unique, and without any mixture of error.
Vedas, Upanishads, Epids, Puranas.
Bible as interpreted by The Watchtower Society.
Many recognized writings.
Bible (except for supposed errors), the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price.
Quran (Koran), dictated to the prophet Muhammad by an angel.
What do they
believe about sin?

Willful rebellion against God.
A desire that results in suffering.
Ignorance of oneness with god - failure to observe caste (social class) rules.
Willful rebellion against Jehovah.
No real concept of sin, only ignoring the divine within.
Disobedience to God's laws.
Not willing to submit to Allah's will.
What do they
believe about salvation?

Salvation is God's gift, made possible through Jesus' death and resurrection. Forgiveness of sin and eternal life are received through personal faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.
Find truth in four "Noble Truths" and follow the Eight-Fold Path. Some include faith in Buddha.
Freedom from reincarnation through knowledge, works, or love for a chosen god.
Faith in Jehovah plus good works.
Discover ultimate knowledge through channeling, yoga, psychic energy and other practices.
Can become a god through obedience to Mormon teachings. Baptism for the dead saves some non-Mormons.
Works of repentence and submission to Allah through perfect faith, prayer, giving, fasting, pilgrimage.
What do they believe
about life after death?

Believers in Jesus live in God's presence forever (heaven). People who reject faith in Christ Jesus are separated from God's presence forever (hell).
No life after death, or life in "Pure Land."
Union with god achieved through cycles of reincarnation.
One hundred forty-four thousand Witnesses will be with Christ in heaven. Other Witnesses will live in a paradise-like earth. Those who reject Jehovah will be destroyed.
Reincarnation (multiple lifetimes) until soul is reunited with the divine.
Celestial kingdom where men become gods or angels; terrestrial kingdom, a planet for righteous non-Mormons; telestial kingdom,  a planet for the wicked.
Paradise or hell.

Styling and information courtesy of Southern Baptist Association and other sources.