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When you need the best answer, pray and ask for guidance.

"Ask God." James 1:5; Psalm 107:6; Jonah 2:1-3; Acts 12:5; 2 Chronicles 14:11; many more.

The best thing, in any circumstance, is to have already asked God for what we need, but sometimes that isn't possible - simply because we had no idea what was coming next, or how to react to what already happened, or how things would turn out - well, you get the idea. Right?

Want to know more? Any Christian church should be able to assist you, or you can search online for numerous valid helps from the Bible. Your own Bible should always be a source of early help. In addition, you can always contact us at GospelWord.org anytime. We're always here to help!

From a series titled "Questions - and Answers - about Everyone's Life," by L.L. Hamilton, Jr. Please reference use of any portion elsewhere to this website and its author.