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GospelWord is a Christian faith-based website. The Internet domain name "" was secured in May, 1997, for use as the Internet home of Encouraging Words Ministries. Registered in 1994 in the community of at Gloucester Courthouse, in Gloucester, VA. The original and continuing purpose of EWM is to bring "Encouragement from the Word of God" to anyone who seeks to know more about God and His guidance for each of us.

The Holy Bible provides the Scriptural basis for all information found here, typically the King James Authorised Version of 1611. We try to avoid the use of "church talk" wherever possible. Unless specfically noted otherwise, information found on this website was written by its author, Len Hamilton.

While most of the views expressed here are commonly held among the vast majority of Christian churches, there are areas of the Christian experience to which we hold differing opinions. A special section on this topic is being prepared and will be made available when ready.

But perhaps you think there is no God; why would you think that?

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What is a Christian?

Following and believing in Jesus Christ

The term "Christian" describes someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Beyond that, which calls for living a life pleasing to God, there is virtually no difference between Christians (also referred to as "born again" persons) and non-Christians. Christians are also assured by God of a place in heaven for eternity.

Are Christians "perfect?" No. Can they sin? Yes. Will they be judged by God for their sin? One must look at repentence as well as salvation to begin to answer that question.

What is Christian life like?

We are in this world, but...

Pretty much like it is for everyone else, except that Christians are prepared for things that happen every day in ways that non-Christians can never be - and though there's a lot to their explanations, learning the truth is easy.

Ever since Adam and Eve fell from grace in the garden of Eden, both good times and bad have come to virtually every person who has ever lived, or ever will. But good times and bad are about to be split apart eternally.

You really need to know why and how while there is time.

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What is Christian fellowship?

A family in Christ Jesus

An amazingly rewarding yet challenging open community of believers in Christ. Believers share experiences, share their hopes for others to be saved, and they join together in the praise of God and all His glory.

Throughout all time, people have relied upon God and His goodness for their daily living, protection and guidance. The Bible encourages them to stand together, and to look to the needs of others ahead of their own needs.

Christians thank and praise God Almighty for the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, and for their salvation through Him. True Christians are people who live for Jesus and who care for others more than themselves, humbling themselves in all things through our Savior, Jesus. He set our standard; we live to carry on His work in whatever our occupation or circumstance, in all that we do in this world.

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